HIV / AIDS Programme Custom Additional Healthcare Service

HIV / AIDS Programme Additional Healthcare Service

As a member of the Nammed medical aid fund*, you are eligible to receive the support and care offered by our HIV/ AIDS Programme. It is customised to suit each individual’s needs and is managed with complete privacy and confidentiality via our Managed Care Department.

The HIV/AIDS Programme is directed by trained individuals, offering fast, reliable and convenient assistance. You can expect the following care customised to suit your exact requirements:

  • Individualised assistance as opposed to prescription
  • The best recommended treatment for your needs
  • Full access to a medical facility during the time of related illness
  • Approval of all available HIV/AIDS medications**
  • Approval of all additional supporting medication such as vitamins and antibiotics
  • Benefits will pay from your Overall Annual Limit without any questions asked
  • Related pathology or blood tests will pay from the available day-to-day pathology benefit

As a Nammed member, you are important to us, and we will do what it takes to help keep you fit, healthy, and in a state of optimal wellbeing.

Join the Nammed’s medical aid fund HIV/AIDS Programme today to strive for a healthier future.

*Please note that the Trauma Option does not offer day-to-day benefits and therefore does not include the HIV/AIDS Programme benefit. 

**Post-Exposure Prophylaxis will automatically pay from your wellness benefit for the period of one month’s supply.

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