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The PAED-IQ 24/7 Baby Line

Nammed's Baby Healthcare Advice Line

Becoming a new parent is one of the most daunting experiences in a person’s life, but fortunately our Nammed members have ample support in their corner. Baby Line is Nammed’s baby healthcare advice line that is available to members on all medical aid options.

Nammed Medical Aid is proud to have partnered with Paed-IQ to offer this dedicated baby healthcare advice line. The service is available to all parents with children younger than 1 000 days. 

Sometimes expert advice and assurance is all that is required to prevent a new parent from rushing their child to the ER unnecessarily. For those members who are located far from a hospital, doctor or clinic, Baby Line could prevent them from taking unwarranted trips. All the information provided through our baby healthcare line has been specifically developed to provide parents with the advice and education they need on common health conditions that affect children.

Please note, however that telephonic advice is not a replacement for a professional consultation and in no way offers diagnosis or prescription. The Paed-IQ 24/7 Baby Line offers parents the extra support they need, after hours or anytime of the day, to help them cope with the challenges of parenthood.

Please visit for more information or give them a call on the numbers below:

  • Namibia:  91 600
  • RSA: 0861 723 347

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